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Why Pursue Internships and Research Opportunities? 

Internships and research opportunities help you gain professional experience while applying the knowledge and abilities you learn in the classroom.

Students in both the Boler College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences are encouraged to pursue these experiential learning opportunities. Faculty and staff advisors are ready to help you pursue your passions from day one. Explore your options below:

Internships are an essential part of the Boler experience, and part of the reason that Bloomberg Businessweek named Boler #1 in the country for career preparedness. You'll get real-world experience, putting theory into practice while building your network.

about internship opportunities in the Boler College of Business.

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences gain invaluable professional experience through internships. You can earn academic credit while working as an intern full-time during the summer or part-time during the academic year. Our students have completed prestigious internships at locations not only in the healthcare, legal, and corporate hub of Cleveland, but throughout Ohio, the U.S., and the world.

Examples include:

  • A unique professional year program that helps Ƶ education students prepare for and succeed in their student teaching.
  • Partnerships with The Cleveland Clinic that allow more than 20 of our students each year to intern in areas such as medical and scientific research, autism care, foreign language translation, healthcare information technology, public relations, web design, and more.
  • Internships with government offices, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and other civic organizations.
  • The NBC/Ƶ University Meet the Press Fellowship. The Fellowship is a nine-month (September to May) position at NBC’s Meet the Press, the number-one rated Sunday morning public affairs program and the longest-running television program in the world.

Our students collaborate with faculty and industry leaders, communicate with diverse audiences, and completing challenging research projects—abilities desired by graduate schools and employers alike.

Examples include:

  • Biology students have conducted fieldwork in Costa Rica and Chilé during the summer.
  • Chemistry students have investigated proteins, DNA, cellular damage from oxidants, and the creation of new molecules.
  • Computer Science students have partnered with Cleveland Clinic radiologists to develop software that allows doctors to read X-rays remotely.
  • English and History students have published articles in prestigious academic journals and literary magazines.
  • Physics and Engineering Physics students conduct research with JCU faculty in the summer leading to presentations at regional and national conferences, and co-authorship on journal publications.
  • Sociology students participate in a poverty and solidarity program in the Cleveland area.

Where They've Interned

Boler students have interned across a diverse set of industries, including placements at:

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Ernst & Young
  • Goodyear
  • KeyBank
  • Quicken Loans
  • The Sherwin-Williams Company
  • And more!

Where They've Interned

CAS students have had placements at companies and organizations in Cleveland and across the country, including:

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • NBC News 
  • New Era
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • The E.W. Scripps Company 
  • And more!

Where They've Interned

CAS students have traveled the country and the world to research, including: 

  • Fieldwork in Costa Rica and Chile
  • On-campus psychology research
  • Radiology research with Cleveland Clinic
  • Summer research with faculty