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The Curtis W. Miles Faculty Award for Community Service recognizes faculty members who share their expertise with community groups and non-profit agencies. The Faculty Committee on Research, Service, and Faculty Development solicit nominations from JCU faculty, staff, administrators, and students and recommends candidates with support from the Center for Service and Social Action.

The award is a $1,000 cash award given to a full-time teaching or library faculty member who has made a significant contribution to the broader Cleveland community consistent with the University’s mission and goals. The award is presented during ƵAPP University’s Ignatian Heritage Week in recognition of the role of service in the University’s mission.

Curtis W. Miles, a retired pharmaceutical salesperson, endowed the first faculty community service award in 1992 to encourage and recognize faculty members who reach out to the community and offer their skills and talents to agencies and community partners who need it most. Miles died February 15, 1994.

For more information about the award, contact Kristin Tobey at ktobey@jcu.edu

  • 2024| Dr. Peggy Schaeur Ph.D.,Education Department
  • 2023| Dr. Malia McAndrew Ph.D.,History Department
  • 2022| Dr. JacquelynZera, Ph.D.,Exercise Science Sports Studies
  • 2021 | Dr. Mark Waner, Ph.D.,Chemistry
  • 2020| Dr. Debra Rosenthal, Ph.D., English
  • 2019| Dr. Elizabeth Stiles, Political Science
  • 2018| JimLissemore, Biology
  • 2017| Thomas J. Bonda, J.D.,Marketing, Management, and Logistics
  • 2016| Phyllis (Penny) Harris,Sociology &Criminology
  • 2015| Erin Johnson, Ph.D.,Biology
  • 2014 |Tracy Masterson, Ph.D., Psychology
  • 2013 |Linda Seiter, Ph.D.Mathematics & Computer Science
  • 2012 |Gloria Vaquera, Ph.D.,Sociology and Criminology
  • 2011 |Brent Brossmann, Ph.D.,Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts
  • 2010 |Paula Britton, Ph.D.,Community Counseling
  • 2009 |Ruth Fenske, Ph.D.,Grasselli Library & Breen Learning Center
  • 2008 |Jeanne Colleran, Ph.D.,English
  • 2007 |Rich Clark, Ph.D.,Sociology and Criminology
  • 2006 |Margaret Finucane, Ph.D.,Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts
  • 2005 |Sharon Kaye, Ph.D.,Philosophy
  • 2004 |Gerald Weinstein, Ph.D., CPA,Accountancy
  • 2003 |Sally Wertheim, Ph.D.,Education and Allied Studies/Graduate School
  • 2002 |Wilhelm Bartsch, Ph.D.,Classic Modern Languages and Cultures
  • 2001 |Lauren Bowen, Ph.D.,Political Science
  • 2000 |Mark Diffenderfer, Ph.D.,Sociology
  • 1999 |John Soper, Ph.D.,Economics and Finance