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This year's Jesuit Week of Service takes place on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

Jesuit Day of Service (JDOS) is the biggest community event at ƵAPP each year.  This spring it will be an in-person event and you will be working with one of our local Cleveland community partners.

Community Partners this year include:

Building on the storied traditions of prior years, CSSA and JCU anticipate working with 350+ JCU community members from 40+ student organizations, athletic teams, and on-campus groups around Cleveland. Activities include spring clean up projects, painting projects, sorting and organizing activities and other meaningful work determined by our community partners.

Register with your friends! Make an impact helping our local community! Lunch will be provided after the event back on campus, dress for the weather, and have a great time. 

Registration for the event opens in late February.  Gather your friends and mark your calendar!

“Cultivating–a simple word that calls forth images of wonderfully, ripe, red tomatoes, crisp green lettuce–but in the context of an experience between college students and community members it becomes much more. It is a cultivation of friendship, of exchange, of the future. A learning opportunity for all and an opening for possibilities of understanding not just how a vegetable is to become ready for consumption but how the act of planting together can lead to a better glimpse of each other, our differences, our weaknesses, our strengths and most importantly, our commonalities. It is not just plants growing in Cultivating Community.”
-Dr. Mariana Ortega, Professor of Philosophy
photo of Dr. Mariana Ortega