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Skyline of Akron, OH

Akron-Canton, OH

Total number of alumni: 2,300
Chapter Email: akron@jcu.edu

Skyline of Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Total number of alumni: 325
Chapter Email: atlanta@jcu.edu

Skyline of Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Total number of alumni: 375
Chapter Email: boston@jcu.edu

Skyline of Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY

Total number of alumni: 610
Chapter President: Alisa Cosgrove '05
Chapter email: buffalo@jcu.edu

Skyline of Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

Total number of alumni: 250
Chapter email: charlotte@jcu.edu

Skyline of Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Total number of alumni: 2,100
Chapter President: Amy Marchlen '10
Chapter email: chicago@jcu.edu

Skyline of Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH

Total number of alumni: 20,500
Chapter President: Sara Martin '09
Chapter email: cleveland@jcu.edu

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH

Total number of alumni: 1,100
Chapter President: Ashley McBride Taylor '07
Chapter Email: columbus@jcu.edu

Skyline of Dayton, OH

Dayton, OH

Total number of alumni: 150
Chapter Email: dayton@jcu.edu

Skyline of Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Total number of alumni: 275
Chapter Email: denver@jcu.edu

Skyline of Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI

Total number of alumni: 715
Chapter President: Molly '75 and Dave '74 Robinson
Chapter Email: detroit@jcu.edu

Skyline of New York, NY

New York, NY

Total number of alumni: 600
Chapter Presidents: Molly Burns '17 & Maggie Hutchison '14
Chapter Email: newyorkcity@jcu.edu

Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Total number of alumni: 110
Chapter Email: nashville@jcu.edu

Skyline of Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Total number of alumni: 2,000
Chapter President: Kyle Reynolds '99
Chapter Email: pittsburgh@jcu.edu

Skyline of Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Total number of alumni: 375
Chapter Email: philadelphia@jcu.edu

Rochester, New York

Rochester, NY

Total number of alumni: 325
Chapter President: Lindsay Recktenwald '04
Chapter Email: rochester@jcu.edu

Alumni Chapter San Diego

San Diego, CA

Total number of alumni: 230
Chapter Email: sandiego@jcu.edu

Tampa, Florida

Tampa, FL

Total number of alumni: 400
Chapter Email: tampa@jcu.edu

Raleigh, NC

Triangle, NC (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham)

Total number of alumni: 200
Chapter Email: trianglenc@jcu.edu

U.S. Capitol Building - Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC

Total number of alumni: 900
Chapter President: Tipton Woodard '18
Chapter Email: washingtondc@jcu.edu

Skyline of Youngstown, OH

Youngstown, OH

Total number of alumni: 600
Chapter Email: youngstown@jcu.edu

Alumni Chapter Book Awards

Chapter Book Awards

Financial aid, such as the JCU Chapter Book Awards, help shape each class, creating an academically talented and diverse JCU community. Your tax-deductible gift to the will provide assistance towards offsetting the cost of textbooks for students.

Learn more or volunteer

If you are interested in learning more about the Ƶ Alumni Chapter program or would like to volunteer, please contact Eric Eickhoff, associate director of alumni chapter programs.