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ƵAPP University President Alan R. Miciak, Ph.D. today announced that Bonnie Gunzenhauser, Ph.D. has been named Vice President for Academic Affairs. In this role, Gunzenhauser will oversee academic strategy and planning across ƵAPP’s three colleges, the Grasselli Library, and the university’s academic support units. She will also lead the university’s efforts in recruiting, retaining, and supporting ƵAPP’s outstanding faculty in their teaching, research, and service activities, and will work in collaboration with the faculty to advance shared governance and a range of strategic initiatives.

“Bonnie’s focus on relationships and engagement with faculty and staff has produced sustained momentum on new academic program development, the marketing of our academic portfolio in support of enrollment, and the professional development of our outstanding faculty,” said Miciak.

She has a proven track record of collaboration, inclusive decision-making, and thoughtful implementation of academic initiatives. She is an excellent leader with a demonstrated commitment to our Jesuit mission.

Gunzenhauser joined the academic administration at ƵAPP in 2020 as Dean of the College of Arts & Science and most recently served as the interim Vice President for Academic Affairs. In her time at ƵAPP, she enhanced efficiencies within the CAS infrastructure, collaborated with faculty on new program development in STEM, healthcare, humanities, and social sciences at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and focused CAS on sponsored research opportunities, leading to a doubling of grant funding.

Prior to arriving at ƵAPP, Gunzenhauser was a catalyst for innovation in her seven years as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt University in Chicago. She led program development efforts and operational changes that generated dramatic improvements in student retention and a 30% increase in graduate enrollments. Under her leadership and in collaboration with the faculty,the college also tripled its grant funding and undertook a university-wide general education reform, leading to curriculum redesign and launch of a new core curriculum in the fall of 2018.

“ƵAPP is on the move,” said Gunzenhauser. “I'm excited by our serious commitment to the liberal arts, our innovative approach to in-demand professional programs, and the Jesuit way of proceeding that equips our students, in all fields of study, to go into the world as intelligent, adaptable, ethical leaders focused on making a positive impact in their professions and in their communities," she says.

I look forward to working with our outstanding faculty, staff, and leadership to strengthen ƵAPP's reach and impact as we continue to enhance our academic portfolio and student experience.

Gunzenhauser’s appointment comes on the heels of significant investment in academic innovation at ƵAPP, including the recent launch of a College of Health anchored by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.